How do you find the truth about manufacturer claims?
Ask the right questions.

The question to ask: How often will I need to bring my outboard in for dealer scheduled maintenance?  Ask to see the owner's manual for every outboard you consider.  You'll soon discover competitive outboards require up to seven times more maintenance than ETEC.  Our outboards require just one scheduled maintenance visit every 3 years.  So you can spend more time on the water, not in the shop.

The question to ask: What is the fuel economy of an outboard across the entire RPM range. at all speeds, for an entire tank of gas? Often manufacturers base their economy claims on one specific sweet spot RPM.  Such claims mean nothing.  The true measurement of fuel efficiency can be determined by the average fuel economy of a full tank of gas across the entire RPM range, from idle to wide open throttle.  This is the same method we use to test the fuel economy of our outboards.

The question to ask: When testing, are stock engines being used out of the box, or have they been modified? Some manufacturers attempt to distort the facts by supplying modified outboards for testing.  At Evinrude we always provide and test stock engines.  The same engines you can buy at the store, right out of the box.

The question to ask:  What are the details of the warranty being offered?  Always look at the fine print on the specification pages to make sure that you truly understand the details of whats being offered.  our entire lineup comes standard with a  3-year, factory-backed, non-declining warranty.

The question to ask: What will be the cost of ownership over the course of 3, 6, 9, 12 years? Value isn't determined by purchase price alone.  maintenance cost, fuel economy, oil changes and belts all play a significant role in calculating long-term value.  ETEC requires absolutely no maintenance for the first 3 years, and not again for 3 years after that.  That's no oil changes, no belts to replace, no nothing.  Add superior fuel efficiency, no break in period, proven customer satisfaction and a 3-year non-declining warranty, and it easy to see owning an ETEC is the best value on the market.

The question to ask: What does the Environmental Protection Agency have to say about it?   ETEC outboards are cleaner than 4-stokes and much cleaner than any competitive 2-stroke direct injection models.  In fact, ETEC is the only DI(direct injection) approved for use on Lake Constance- the lake with the strictest environmental regulations in Europe.  Plus, the only outboard to win the EPA Clean Air Excellence Award.  ETEC is simply the cleanest outboard technology available.  Period.

The question to ask:  Does published weight reflect the complete engine?  When looking at the published weight for any outboard, ask the manufacturer if the weight was taken with or without the motor cover, gear lube, trim fluid, etc.  At Evinrude, we publish the wright of the engine that will be mounted on the back of your boat for operation.  And that's the only weight that counts.

The All-New Evinrude E-TEC G2
The outboard of the future.

Introducing a revolutionary concept in outboards – a choice. Now, choose cutting-edge over commonplace. Choose more torque over more talk. Choose more time on the water over more time in the shop. Choose the outboard that performs, and looks like no other outboard in the world.

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The new profile is very vertical, and the typical bucket cowl is replaced with a composite exoskeleton that supports plastic panels on the top and sides.  The side panels are secured with six quarter-turn screws and offer access for typical service. The panels will be offered in five different colors (blue, silver, black, red and white) with 14 available accent stripe colors, so you can color-match your motor to your boat and truck. Boat builders will also be able to order the panels in custom colors, to match or complement boat styling.

Durability and Reliability

More time on the water.  It starts with more time on the engineering table.  Every part, every system is designed, built and tested to go the distance.  We put a lot more in.  You get a lot more out.

Easy Starts First time, every time, with one revolution of the flywheel. No choking, no priming, no swearing.

No Break-in Period. You go flat-out, right out of the box, thanks to E-TEC's boron nitrate cylinder bores.  Its your time on the water.  Don't waste a second of it breaking in a four-stroke.

Fewer Parts, More Peace of Mind.  No belts, camshaft or exhaust valves to break down.  You can go a lot farther, knowing your engine will get you back.

Parts that Last.  Low friction design for greater performance and longer life, under any load.  Parts that are built better, tested longer.

Fail-Safe Protection.  In the event of an overheat or other anomaly, the engine automatically reduces power to protect your investment, giving you a five-hour window to get back without incurring engine damage.

High Performance Iridium Plugs. An Evinrude exclusive that last up to 3 times as long as conventional plugs.  More efficient spark, smoother running, longer life.

Sealed Fuel System.  Air can't get in.  Fuel won't evaporate.  No more gummed-up Fuel systems.  Your engine is well protected during storage.

Bigger Alternators.  Nearly twice the available amperage of competitive engines  Run more accessories with more confidence

Fast Rise Inductive Ignition. A patent-pending Evinrude ETEC technology.  It gives you an engine that runs smoother, with less vibration and longer spark plug life.

Moisture-Absorbing Gearlube. Absorbs and retains up to 25% of water in suspension, resulting in increased gearcase durability