'With the introduction of ethanol in today's fuels it is important that special care is given to your boats fuel system.  Today's Evinrude ETEC and G2 Outboards have no problems running on 10% ethanol blended fuels but older boat systems can deteriorate and fail causing headaches and unwanted problems.  Not to mention the hazard of fire and death.   Before we install your new ETEC or G2 we will evaluate and advise on necessary upgrades to your fuel system to give you the maximum protection against the alcohol in today's fuels.  We also sell 10 micron fuel filters and 2+4 fuel conditioner.  Our only recommended additive for Evinrude Outboards.  Call us for more info on keeping your boats fuel system safe and functional with todays fuels.


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A few of our installations.  more to come!

 Bought a new ETEC somewhere else and not happy with your       installation?  We will be happy to clean up the installation and make sure you are up to spec.  Beware free installations.  You can get what you pay for!

While Evinrude has decided to no longer make new Evinrudes (at this time! We are hopeful for a future resurgence)  we still have 2 engines available. 

1- 25" 140 HP ETEC G2 inline 3 cylinder "K"Model

1-20" Manual start, manual tilt 30 HP ETEC

Please call if you are interested in a quote!

ALL BRP WARRANTIES are still valid and honored and Parts are still available for Evinrude and Johnson outboardsthe foreseeable future!